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Mexican Restaurant

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The flavors and culture of Mexico can be felt and tasted with every visit to Al Carbon Mexican Restaurant in McCleary, WA. It’s our goal to bring you amazing Mexican dishes that satisfy your cravings and bring you a taste of authenticity. You’ll never be disappointed after a meal with us.

Classic Mexican Dishes

Everyone enjoys a classic meal. Al Carbon Mexican Restaurant creates traditional recipes on all popular Mexican dishes. Delicious carne asada, quesadillas, and fajitas are just a few of the mouthwatering entrees we offer cooked in the traditional manner. Come enjoy the best Mexican food around at our restaurant.

Unique Food

As a Mexican restaurant that prides ourselves on creating authentic Mexican dishes, we make sure to always create them with the highest quality and care to show you how delicious these dishes truly are. Try our seared cactus, molcajete, or agave burrito and have a great dinner with food you won’t find anywhere else.  

Daily Specials

We want to take care of you and allow you to enjoy a wonderful meal when you visit us. That’s why we have excellent specials to take advantage of that let you have a great lunch or dinner for a deal. Be sure to check out our happy hour and food specials so you can relax and not worry about your wallet.


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Join Us for Dinner

Enjoy an authentic meal with family and friends at Al Carbon Mexican Restaurant. Our restaurant is fully capable of hosting large parties and is a perfect place for any event. Enjoy home-cooked meals made by passionate chefs and traditional recipes. Call us today to schedule your reservation!